Cayuse SP is designed to manage research operations and provide a framework to track and report on sponsored program activities. It manages the life cycle of sponsored projects with Cayuse SP, a flexible, user-friendly Web application designed to reduce complexity, improve collaboration, and provide visibility from pre-award through post-award.

All proposals requiring Sponsored Programs review and approval must be submitted using Cayuse SP.

To get started in Cayuse SP:

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The Office of Research requires all proposals be submitted in Cayuse 424.

Cayuse 424 is entirely web-based and will provide system-to-system proposal submission to Its features include:

  • Entry of SF-424 data online rather than as a PDF;
  • Auto-population of institutional data in the SF-424;
  • The ability for multiple users to view and edit the proposal simultaneously;
  • Advanced validation of proposals based on sponsor rules, which allows for reduced submission errors; and
  • Ability for SPO to lock proposals (except the science) after review and allow PI submission after hours.

To get started in Cayuse 424:

  • Login to using with your Kerberos login and select Cayuse 424. This will create your Professional Profile.
  • Complete your Professional Profile so that you may added to proposals.

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